Nico Espinoza: data forecasting/budget coordination/local project coordination

Nico Espinoza is an engineer, working in the field of computational intelligence and signal processing. He also works as a musician and sound designer

Rafucko: conceptual lead/online communications

Performer and artivist, based in Berlin, Germany. Currently visiting the Master Programme in “Art in Context” at the UdK – University of Arts of Berlin. Learn more on

Samuel Van Ransbeeck: sonification programming/equipment and software/design of sound installation

Samuel Van Ransbeeck is a research associate in Brazilian Studies at the University of Manchester. His background is in electronic music and interactive arts. He did his PhD at the Catholic University of Porto, Portugal, where he developed DataScapR, a sonification toolbox for composers and sound artists to make music using stock market data. After finishing his PhD, he has used this system to create sonifications in Milton Keynes to sonify energy usage, and Rio de Janeiro for the Outros Registros project.

Tori Holmes: research and methodology coordinator/documentation/public engagement

Tori Holmes is Lecturer in Brazilian Studies at Queen’s University Belfast, where she specialises in digital culture and urban representation in Brazil, with a particular focus on Rio de Janeiro and its favelas. She has worked on blogging by favela residents and webdocumentaries about urban change during recent mega-events in Rio; her current research focuses on data activism relating to urban violence. Full research profile here.

Guga Ferraz, Rafucko, Samuel Van Ransbeeck and Nico Espinoza @ Centro de Artes da Maré


Tori Holmes @ Oi Futuro Flamengo

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