ArtsOne, QMUL | London, 15-16 November 2018

The fourth staging of Other Registers, the second in the UK, took place at ArtsOne at Queen Mary University of London’s Mile End campus, as part of the Being Human festival, in November 2018.

As in previous stagings, the installation was composed of a circle of eight speakers playing the sonified quantitative data about police violence in Rio. On the floor inside the speaker circle, there was a chalk drawing of the caveirão armoured vehicle used by Rio’s police, emphasised by lighting effects. The chalk artwork was inspired by the drawing created by Guga Ferraz for the second staging of the installation at Centro de Artes da Maré in Rio de Janeiro in late 2016.

This time, we also introduced a mechanism for collecting audience feedback, which was incorporated into the aesthetic of the installation. Visitors were invited to take a feedback card, selecting the colour that best fitted their level of prior knowledge about police violence in Rio (red for knowledge, yellow for no knowledge), and to use it to share their thoughts on the installation by writing on the inside, in response to a simple prompt question. The cards were then displayed as part of the installation, adding a visual depiction of the lost human lives represented in the sonified data.


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In the London staging, we also chose to highlight the ongoing challenges relating to police violence and human rights in Rio de Janeiro by making available Amnesty International campaign materials relating to the as-yet unsolved killing of Rio city councillor Marielle Franco in March 2018. Marielle was herself an activist against police violence in Rio.

This staging took place on 15-16 November 2018.

Credits for London staging:
Production/coordination: Tori Holmes, Rosie Hunter, Thiago Jesus, Samuel van Ransbeeck
Sound equipment: Centre for Digital Music, QMUL
Venue/lighting: ArtsOne, QMUL
Usher: Ana Epalanga
Engagement design: Kazz Morohashi (
Publicity support and campaign materials: Amnesty International UK

Other Registers was developed by Nico Espinoza, Rafucko, Samuel Van Ransbeeck and Tori Holmes (learn more about the artists) during the 10-day Creative Lab on Social Change through Creativity and Culture which took place in Rio de Janeiro in October-November 2015.

Outros Registros was part of Creative Lab, curated by Batman Zavareze and Paul Heritage and produced by Festival Multiplicidade and People’s Palace (Queen Mary University of London) in partnership with CreativeWorks London. The project was made possible with research funding from the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council and the Newton Fund.

Click here to learn more about Other Registers.

London staging supported by:



Part of Being Human: A Festival of the Humanities


Led by:


In partnership with:





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