Centro de Artes da Maré | Rio de Janeiro, 29 November – 3 December 2016

The second staging of Other Registers happened at the Centro de Artes da Maré, in the Maré favela in Rio de Janeiro in November/December 2016, as part of a workshop organised by the “Dialogues on Public Security: Experiences in Brazil and in the UK” project (link in Portuguese).

As in the first staging, a circle was once again formed with eight speakers that played the sounds generated by the sonification software. Inside the circle, on the floor, a drawing of the caveirão (the armoured vehicle used by police during operations in favelas) was made with chalk by artist Guga Ferraz. (See here for background on the software used, and how/why the installation incorporates a reference to the caveirão).

As the visitors experienced the sounds generated by the data on police violence in Rio de Janeiro, the aim was that their steps would erase the caveirão from the floor. The staging also incorporated a big mural where visitors could write messages and thoughts with chalk.


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This video was produced about the Maré staging:

The staging occurred between 29th of November and 3rd of December 2016.

Other Registers was developed by Nico Espinoza, Rafucko, Samuel Van Ransbeeck and Tori Holmes (learn more about the artists) as part of Creative Lab, curated by Batman Zavareze and Paul Heritage and produced by Festival Multiplicidade and People’s Palace (Queen Mary University of London) in partnership with CreativeWorks London. The project was made possible with research funding from the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council and the Newton Fund.

Click here to learn more about Other Registers.

Credits for Maré staging

Curator: Paul Heritage
Production coordination: Brenno Errick
Production assistant
: Ana Luiza Aguiar
Stagehand: José Arthur Carneiro
Sound preparation: Julio Borgerth / Boca do Trombone
Porter:  Thaína Faria
Graphic Design: Diego Marinho
Venue: Centro das Artes da Maré
Artwork: Guga Ferraz
Photos: Douglas Lopes
Translation: Gabriela Baptista

Supported by:


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